New Podcast: Read The Contract

Plain and Simple read your contract. Too many artists and producers in the music industry is coming to the public about their frustration with their deals. But we have to assume that the artists aren't reading their contracts. So let's…

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Ask The Rights Questions

The things I want to know about certain things that happens in the music industry I know for a fact I probably would have to pay to get that information. Like for an example: 

Cardie B said she invested $60k…

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Ced Wynez on The T-Quest show

Check out the great interview from our founder Ced Wynez on the T-Quest show. Great interview . If you're in the music business you will learn some thing.

Welcome sample music

As a producer and artist, I find myself going to the record stores every once in while. I'll stroll down to Criminal Records or Wax n' Facts. What amazes me is the amount of artists that released music over the…

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Common Emotions Affect Business Decision Making.

I was on my way to Fort Lauderdale airport riding the Tri-Rail from Miami. I recently went threw a situation that lead me to speak briefly about emotions and business decision. When it comes decision making, a little emotion is…

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